HSus 1: Human Activity (HS), HSus 2: Monitoring Human Impact (MS), HSus 3: Arguing Sustainability (MS), HSus 3: Human/Ecosystem Interactions (HS), HSus 4: Evaluating Solutions (HS), Human Sustainability

Review: Microplastics in Canadian Aquatic Ecosystems

Microplastics in aquatic environments: Implications for Canadian ecosystems

SUMMARY: This article reviews currently research studies on microplastics. It talks about the sources of microplastics, the amount in aquatic systems, the effects on organisms, and finally the gaps in research.

LESSON COMMENTS: While you can certainly read this article in its entirety, I would focus on the different sections and have students look at the articles that were reviewed under each topic. This is a great article for the beginning of a research project, a brainstorming session for students, or even a research skills class on how to use and read primary sources in science.

J. C. Anderson, B. J. Park, and V. P. Palace, “Microplastics in aquatic environments: Implications for Canadian ecosystems,” Environmental Pollution, vol. 218, pp. 269–280, 2016.