E 1: Energy Flow (HS), E 1: Energy, Mass, & Speed (MS), E 2: Energy & Motion (HS), E 2: Potential Energy (MS), E 5: Kinetic Energy Transfer (MS), Energy, F&I 1: Newton's 2nd Law (HS), F&I 1: Newton's 3rd Law (MS), F&I 2: Newton's 1st Law (MS), F&I 2: Newton's 3rd Law (HS), F&I 4: Gravity & Electrostatic Forces (HS), F&I 4: Gravity & Mass (MS), Forces & Interactions, Physical Science

The meaning of blood pressure

The meaning of blood pressure

SUMMARY: This article talks about all the physical aspects of blood pressure. The first few sections talks about the 3 forces that affect blood pressure: elastic, kinetic, and gravitational. The author also talks about how kinetic energy can be converted to elastic energy in the case of an aneurysm in the vein. The following few sections break down other aspects of blood pressure, such as resistance and the pressure at which arterioles close (critical closing pressure).

LESSON COMMENTS: This is a great article (especially the first few sections) for a physics class. The paper explains the concept of pressure as well as forces and energy. Conservation of energy would be a good topic to cover before having students read and analyze this article. Of course, given the jargon and the length, this article would be best read in sections.

Magder S. (2018). The meaning of blood pressure. Critical care (London, England), 22(1), 257. doi:10.1186/s13054-018-2171-1