Chemical Reactions, CR 2: Energy in Reactions (HS), CR 2: Modeling Conservation of Mass (MS), CR 3: Evidence of Reactions (HS), CR 3: Testing Endo/Exothermic Reactions (MS), CR 4: Driving Reactions (HS), CR 5: Conservation of Mass (HS), Physical Science, S&P 4: Molecule Traits (HS), Structure & Properties of Matter, W 1: Graphing Waves (MS), W 1: Wave Relationships (HS), W 2: Digital Info (HS), W 2: Wave Behavior (MS), W 3: Digital vs Analog (MS), W 3: Modeling Electromagnetic Radiation (HS), W 5: Devices (HS), Waves & Electromagnetic Radiation

Beaming Simulated Space Ice

Enantiomeric separation of complex organic molecules produced from irradiation of interstellar/circumstellar ice analogs(NOT OPEN ACCESS) SUMMARY: To simulate conditions in space and in asteroids and meteorites, scientists put simple gases (water, carbon dioxide, ammonia, and methanol) into a low temperature and low pressure chamber. Then, using UV light, they irradiated these gases (which at the… Continue reading Beaming Simulated Space Ice