Earth Science, HSus 2: Monitoring Human Impact (MS), HSus 3: Human/Ecosystem Interactions (HS), HSus 4: Evaluating Solutions (HS), HSus 5: Showing Human Impact (HS), Human Sustainability, Interdependent Relationships in Ecosystems, IR 1: Ecosystem Interactions (MS), IR 2: Affecting Biodiversity (HS), Life Science

Using ciliates as indicators

Protozoa ciliates community structure in urban streams and their environmental use as indicators SUMMARY: Three urban stream samples were collected during both dry and rainy seasons in Brazil. Ciliates were classified and identified in each stream. The relationships between the ciliates, abiotic factors, and biotic factors are discussed in the last section of the paper.… Continue reading Using ciliates as indicators

Earth Science, Earth's System, ES 1: Materials/Energy Flow (MS), ES 4: Carbon Cycling (HS), ES 5: Life on Earth (HS), HE 1: Earth's History (MS), HE 2: Early Earth (HS), History of Earth

Beaming Naphthalene Part 1

Infrared Study of UV/EUV Irradiation of Naphthalene in H2O+NH3 Ice SUMMARY: This study beamed naphthalene in a mixture of water and ammonia ice with different energy levels of UV light. Results showed that naphthalene breaks down and the pieces react into various small carbon-based compounds. Since conditions of this experiment try to replicate those found… Continue reading Beaming Naphthalene Part 1