Chemical Reactions, CR 4: Driving Reactions (HS), Physical Science, S&P 1: Atoms & Molecules (MS), S&P 1: Periodic Table Patterns (HS), S&P 3: Heat & Reactions (MS), S&P 4: Molecule Traits (HS), Structure & Properties of Matter, W 1: Graphing Waves (MS), W 1: Wave Relationships (HS), W 2: Digital Info (HS), W 2: Wave Behavior (MS), W 3: Digital vs Analog (MS), W 5: Devices (HS), Waves & Electromagnetic Radiation

Beaming Pyrimidines Part 1

Nucleobases and Prebiotic Molecules in Organic Residues Produced from the Ultraviolet Photo-Irradiation of Pyrimidine in NH3 and H2O + NH3 Ices (NOT OPEN ACCESS) SUMMARY: If you beam water and pyrimidines at low temperature and pressure in a sealed chamber, you’ll produce pyrimidine-based molecules such as uracil, cytosine, isomers of uracil and cytosine. You’ll also… Continue reading Beaming Pyrimidines Part 1