Chemical Reactions, E 2: Potential Energy (MS), E 3: Designing Energy Transfer (HS), Energy, Life Science, M&E 1: Photosynthesis (HS), M&E 1: Photosynthesis (MS), Matter & Energy in Organisms/Ecosystems, Physical Science, S&P 1: Atoms & Molecules (MS), S&P 1: Periodic Table Patterns (HS), S&P 2: Investigating Electrical Force (HS), Structure & Properties of Matter, W 1: Graphing Waves (MS), W 1: Wave Relationships (HS), W 2: Wave Behavior (MS), Waves & Electromagnetic Radiation

Powered by Light

Powered by Light: phototrophy and photosynthesis in prokaryotes and its evolution SUMMARY: This article looks at the still-not-yet-fully-known evolution and history of photosynthesis. There were various types of photosynthesis, the main difference being the type of electron donor. Some organisms used water as an electron donor, while others used things like hydrogen and manganese. The… Continue reading Powered by Light

Inheritance & Variation of Traits, Inheritance 3: Mutations (HS), Inheritance 3: Mutations (MS), Life Science, M&E 2: Anabolism/Catabolism (HS), M&E 2: Metabolism (MS), Matter & Energy in Organisms/Ecosystems, Natural Selection & Evolution, NSE 1: Evolution Evidence (HS), NSE 2: Evolution Factors (HS), NSE 4: Adaption (HS), S&F 2: Cell Function (MS), S&F 4: Stimuli Response (MS), Structure and Function

All About Efflux Pumps

Bacterial Multidrug Efflux Pumps: Much More Than Antibiotic Resistance Determinants SUMMARY: Efflux pumps are found in all organisms; they play an important role in helping the cells pump out toxins, heavy metals, and in the case of antibiotic resistant bacteria, antibiotics! This article talks about how efflux pumps work, other ways that they are used… Continue reading All About Efflux Pumps