Chemical Reactions, CR 3: Testing Endo/Exothermic Reactions (MS), E 1: Energy Flow (HS), E 3: Designing Energy Transfer (HS), E 3: Insulating/Conducting Heat (MS), E 4: Heat Transfer (HS), E 4: Testing Energy/Heat Transfer (MS), E 5: Energy from Electric/Magnetic Fields (HS), E 5: Kinetic Energy Transfer (MS), Energy, F&I 3: Electric/Magnetic Forces (MS), F&I 5: Electricity & Magnets (HS), Forces & Interactions, Physical Science, S&P 3: Heat & Reactions (MS), S&P 3: Nuclear Decay (HS), Structure & Properties of Matter

Using Pu in a molten salt fast reactor

A disruptive approach to eliminating weapon-grade plutonium – Pu burning in a molten salt fast reactor SUMMARY: This study looked at the efficiency of several types of nuclear reactions: molten-salt reactors, light water reactors, and fast reactors. Using a program (written in Python), scientists looked at the data from each type of reactors and compared… Continue reading Using Pu in a molten salt fast reactor