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Using Microbes to Fight Microbes

Microbial approaches for targeting antibiotic-resistant bacteria SUMMARY: Aside from phage therapy, another way to fight antibiotic resistant bacteria is by focusing on the gut microbiome. This article talks about targeting resistant bacteria via phages, stopping the growth and spread of resistant bacteria by recovering the normal gut microbiome of the person, and possibly using other… Continue reading Using Microbes to Fight Microbes

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Phage Therapy on Infected Graft

Phage treatment of an aortic graft infected with Pseudomonas aeruginosa SUMMARY: The first part of this article talks about using phage and antibiotics (separately and together) in vitro to reduce bacteria biofilm. Researchers found that phage alone was enough to reduce biofilm to almost zero; however, there is the concern (noted in other papers) that… Continue reading Phage Therapy on Infected Graft