Physical Science, W 2: Digital Info (HS), W 3: Digital vs Analog (MS), W 5: Devices (HS), Waves & Electromagnetic Radiation

Using Computers to Model Antibiotic Resistance

Simulating Multilevel Dynamics of Antimicrobial Resistance in a Membrane Computer Model SUMMARY: This article uses a computer program to model how different factors contribute to the rate of antibiotic resistance in bacteria. The results aren’t predicting anything, they’re just showing the number of possibilities this program can take into account to help give a better… Continue reading Using Computers to Model Antibiotic Resistance

Life Science, Natural Selection & Evolution, NSE 1: Fossil Records (MS), NSE 4: Adaption (HS), NSE 5: Population Flux (HS)

What Diatoms Can Tell Us

Diatom ecological response to deposition of the 833-850 CE White River Ash (east lobe) ashfall in a small subarctic Canadian lake SUMMARY: This article looks at diatom population differences affected by volcanic rock deposits into a lake before, during, and after an eruption event. Results showed that diatom population patterns were able to quickly return… Continue reading What Diatoms Can Tell Us